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Optimization in SEO Search Engines, for real results.

At Dicha we undertake your promotion on search engines, the well-known SEO. Our goal is to increase your visits from organic searches as you get higher on Google's results.

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Climb to Google's results, and stay there for a long time.

There is a better and more accurate way to do SEO, and we're here to show you how to do it.

Search & Select for Words

We are researching about the keywords we need to target.

It is more important work to do with starting a cooperation for SEO promotion, as otherwise an effective strategy can not be created. The choice is made by using the best keyword search tools, after researching your competitors and of course working with you.

SEO Ανάλυση Ανταγωνιστών

We analyze your competitors' strategy at a grid level.

After we analyze their strategy, we find their strengths and apply the corresponding practices so that you can take advantage of them as well. We can also identify their mistakes and omissions and take advantage of these opportunities.

On-site SEO - Technical SEO

We optimize all the technical pieces of your page, saving you from damaging errors for your ranking.

Some of the most basic things are the speed of your website, the title and description you feed into the search engines (known as meta data) based on the targeted keyword.

We also pay special attention to Alt texts for your images, the density of the keyword on your page, and imaging points that can get you far above the competition.

Off-site SEO - Backlinking

Off-site seo is a fairly complex process that takes time, right research, and proper knowledge to properly apply it.

Primary role plays how others talk about you (the so-called backlink), without of course being a panacea. It's also very dangerous to get involved with "bad" practices, the so-called Black Hat SEO techniques (backlink, PBN, etc.). We are constantly informed from the tools we use for new opportunities presented and we make sure there is a proper and natural interface to your page.

Opportunity Monitoring & Progress Report

We monitor the performance of the keywords we have selected on all search engines for both desktop and mobile, constantly updating changes,

Depending on your needs, we create the necessary analyzes for the effectiveness of the SEO strategies we have drawn so far. We often hold a meeting where we discuss the opportunities that have been presented and our next steps as well as a review of the goals and strategies we have decided.

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Frequent questions

What is White Hat SEO, What is Black Hat SEO and what is the Gray Hat SEO?
These terms are used to describe the SEO tactics used by each and how much they are in harmony or opposed to what Google suggests. So, White Hat techniques mean we follow the rules proposed.

Black Hat technical means that we are implementing practices that are prohibited by Google. Here, let's note that you may see some immediate results at the beginning, but there is a big risk of being punished by Google.

By Gray Hat, we are referring to a combination of the above techniques.
What is backlink? Do I need backlinks to my page?
Backlink is called a link to your website that exists on another website. It's still a very important factor for your classification to search engines, so we need backlinks.
In how much time will I see results?
Unfortunately with SEO, the results are not immediate. In terms of on-site SEO, you will see more immediate results as you will improve your website in terms of SEO, but especially a good strategy for off-site SEO lasts several months until the results appear.
Since I can be advertised and go higher than organic results, why do I need SEO?
The truth is that the ad brings immediate results from the first moment you start. The problem is that you will immediately disappear as soon as you stop paying. In addition, users are becoming more and more trained and some of them are deliberately avoiding ads.
What are the most important factors to display high on Google;
There are several factors that greatly influence the quality of our website and, therefore, its position on search engines. The speed of your website, the Bounce Rate (if they visit us and they leave us directly), the time spent in it, if it's mobile-friendly are some of these key factors.
I want to go first to Google for that kind of word! Will you do it;
We will try for the best but this is a bad question and we can not give a correct answer. Besides, our goal is not only to get first on Google for a basic keyword, but to bring people to our site. So if we can get better results with other keywords, it doesn't need to be the first for the basic keyword.

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