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A new store must start with the best equipment and the most trusted partners ...

Eshop development for a real online store.

At Dicha we undertake the development and promotion of your e-shop always aiming at increasing your sales. Our goal in every e-shop we build is to create a user-friendly e-shop, reliable, fast and functional.

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When you want to make your e-shop, corner shop.

We believe in the uniqueness of each e-shop, as in other case as there is no reason and possibility to . Come to create together your online store that will start selling from the first day.

Unique Design

The eshop development is a creation, a job that needs inspiration, art and knowledge to be able to create from nothing something new that the user will trust to make purchases online.

Modern design

We are constantly updating for new market trends & new research into user interactivity in e-shop so as to build an e-shop with many sales.

User Friendly Design

The e-shop that we will create for you will be an e-shop that will be user-friendly and help you find what you are looking for.

Using Always Best Technologies

Your e-shop will be significantly faster than others, as we use modern technologies to achieve this (caches, CDN, SSD, κτλ).

Your e-shop is open 24 hours a day

Your e-shop has continuous up-time, it does not have the so-called down-times, as we offer very reliable hosting so as to never miss customers.

Easy upscale when you need it

Has your e-shop started and attracts more and more customers and need more resources for it? Simply, easily and painlessly we will make the upscale you need.

On-site SEO

Your e-shop must follow some technical rules to be able, initially, to be detected properly and when needed by the search engines as well as to get a higher position.

Off-site SEO

We undertake Off-site SEO that your e-shop needs to get higher on organic results and stay there. Learn more in Promoting SEO Websites.

Writing Texts

At Dicha we can write the texts for your products as well as your blogging texts for constant updating as well as the correct texts regarding SEO.

Automatic Backups & Restore Capability

We automatically take backups of your e-shop to a separate data center, which we keep for a long time so we can get your e-shop back (restore) in case of a problem.

We hate shared because we do not like sharing

A store has its own separate space. So he has to have his own hosting, because when you share something with someone else on the internet, that means you will share with him the problems he carries.

Continuous Update of your e-shop (WooCommerce, OpenCart κτλ)

Unsupported e-shop automatically means a risk source & security gap for hoarding and stealing data or resources. All our support packages provide constant updating of your e-shop.

SSD Disks, Cloud Hosting & CDN

Your e-shop is hosted on modern SSD disks in cloud environment combined with CDN offering incredible server response speeds and 100% hardware up-time.

Optimized servers for the most popular CMS

Our servers are all optimized for all known CMSs using PHP (Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, Prestashop, Magento) with state-of-the-art high speed technologies.

Support for server & email is our job

Let us know anything about your server and email. You do not need to worry about this because when you are on our servers, we do our job properly.

You are experiencing a problem or low speed with your e-shop;

Contact us to help you solve the problem or even & for a free check of your e-shop. Let us find the problem & how to fix it.

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Are you experiencing a problem or slow speeds with your website?

A Custom Solution to Build Your E-Shop

Anything you need for your e-shop, we can do it for you.

E-shop with CMS

WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento. Whatever CMS you prefer, we can do it for you.

Custom E-shop

If you want an e-shop exactly tailored to your needs, we can implement a custom application.

Business Directory

If you do not want to activate purchases in your e-shop yet, a business directory is the solution.

B2B E-shop

Is your activity primarily directed towards other businesses? No problem! We can do that too.

Frequent questions

How will my products get through?
There are two ways to import the products. Manually pass by either us or you, or if you have them somewhere in the computer, create a mechanism to automatically import.
How much does it cost to build an e-shop?
The development of an e-shop may vary depending on your needs. Depending on the languages ​​that will be translated, on the product codes you have or if you want automatic interfacing with your ERP are some of the reasons that can increase the cost of an e-shop.
I can link my e-shop to the ERP I use?
Of course you can (and we can)! All we need is your ERP to give us this opportunity . Then it's our job to unite the two systems you use to fully control your orders and stocks.
How can I control where my sales come from?
Simply and easily after the right set-up we do with Google Analytics. With this free Google platform for which we train you to use it properly, you can see almost everything you need to know where the sales come from.
Is my e-shop mobile-friendly?
This is very important nowadays as with the change of Google's mobile device algorithm, webpages that are not friendly will be "squeezed" organically.
And when we say friendly, it's not only to adjust to the screens but to be even more "light" and with clear gaps so as the finger to be able to press on each link.
So to check your page, we recommend two Google tools, Pagespeed Insights and the Search Console Mobile-Friendly Test .
How can I check if my e-shop is fast enough?;
Of course, we can do it for you and give you a full analysis of the problems you may be facing.
If you want to find it yourself, the best tools are GTmetrix and Google Pagespeed Insights.
Read our article Slow Website - Why Happens & How to Fix It to better understand the tools above.

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