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Digital Marketing Services - Online Marketing to find your audience.

Build with us a powerful online presence, capturing your profile on social networks and in the eyes of your customers. Do not leave anything to chance. Build a complete profile of your business with us

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Your online presence will never be the same again.

With our knowledge of marketing, we analyze your business and the places where you need to advertise & move.

We suggest your next steps online to gain a remarkable online presence.

Social Networks - Presence | Advertising

Social media is now a direct way to communicate with your customers and provide them with both information and personalized service.

We develop comprehensive promotional action plans by selecting the appropriate channels for your needs after research. We keep the interest of the public alive by creating appropriate content. We analyze your competition and showcase the benefits of your own company.

We select the audience we want to reach and target through appropriate social media campaigns. We measure and analyze the results of the campaign and make corrective actions to achieve even better performance at the lowest possible cost.

Google Ads (ex Google Adwords)

The first move of your potential customers when searching for a service or product is Google search. He can search for you with your brand name or search for your products and services.

If you are not there, someone else will precede it. We take over that you are there when a customer searches for you. Targeted Customer Approach.

You are showed up with the lowest possible cost of viewing and pay only if someone visits your page.

Newsletter Campaigns - E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective communication channels. Its proper design, content, frequency and drafting have proven significant results in increasing traffic, enhancing relationships with your customers,      attracting new customers, providing incentives for repeat purchases, promptness and all the above at a low cost and in a short time since it was sent.

Copywriting Service - Article Writing

Copywriting refers to the writing or editing of your corporate texts by experienced and professional copywriters. It has become particularly important nowadays as the businessman does not find time to create the texts of his own company.

The article writing deals with the weekly maintenance of your blog, a basic element of each website nowadays, as the content is the king.

All the texts we create for you, whether they are corporate pages or articles, are made together with you, as you know best about your business. The texts we create are made in such a way that they also help in better search engine results.

Solutions for all budgets that will multiply your sales. ιση είναι μετρήσιμα. So, contact us to prepare a proposal to reach out to users interested in your products.

All results in online advertising are measurable. For this, contact us to prepare a proposal to reach out users that interested in your products.

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Frequent questions

What do we achieve with the use of social media;
  • Recognizability
  • Sales increase
  • Customer Care
  • Collecting data for other marketing actions (eg e-mail for newsletter)
  • Promotion of our e-shop or our website
  • Viewing Your Ads to Visitors of Your Website.(Remarketing)
  • Conducting Competitions
Indicative Social Media
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
How do I choose which Social Media to link to?;
The choice of Social Networks for each business depends on the nature of its work, its availability for updating, and the material that any company can prepare for publication. It is better to have one social network account up-to-date, rather than many old and without publications.
Why do I have to be advertised on Google;
This is targeted advertisement on people looking for your services or products. So, you appear to potential customers at the top of the results and pay only if they visit your page.
How much does my ad cost to Social & Google;
This is something we can not answer directly to you. You need to analyze your competition, your needs and your business and in combination with your goals to get an advertising cost.
What is Repetitive Marketing?
Repetitive Marketing is a way to show your ads to people who have already visited your website. It is a powerful way of advertising as surveys show that users do not buy or show interest in their first visit to a website but usually return to it later.

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