Custom Application Design

Custom Applications without limitations, with solution for any system, whatever you need ...

Custom Applications for any solution on any system.

As a Custom Application, we define the project that we will implement for you that is not currently available on the Internet. Whether it's a full-featured solution like a management application or a plug-in for an existing CMS, we can give you the solution you need.

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Application cut & stitched to your needs and desires.

Custom web & web application development - ideal for creating terrific & easy-to-use solutions for your business.

Unique Design

Building custom applications is a creation, a job that needs inspiration, art and knowledge to make from nothing something new to match your needs.

Modern design

We are constantly updating for new market trends to offer you fresh and innovative ideas and not just a copy of existing applications .

User Friendly Design

Your application will be created with a design that will solve your hands in everyday use. So, it will achieve its goal, which is usually the fastest and most accurate everyday operation of your business.

Using Always Best Technologies

Your application will be significantly faster than others as we use modern technologies to achieve this (caches, CDN, SSD, κτλ).

Your application is constantly Live

Your application has continuous up-time, does not have the so-called down-times, as we offer very reliable hosting to make your application open when you need it.

Easy upscale when you need it

A custom application can start from a small idea but come to something big & dynamic. We have the ability to monitor you and implement the upgrades you need.

Laravel Framework

We use PHP written in Laravel Framework, the most famous Framework for web application implementation. Thus, we guarantee full security & a short implementation time for each application.

Creation on API

Creating a complete custom application is by building the backend over an API. This ensures that the system is secure and expandable for the future.

Core Plugins

The implementation of a custom plugin on any platform (Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart etc.) is based on the code & the documentation of each application for full harmonization with its environment.

Automatic Backups & Restore Capability

We automatically take backups of your application to a separate data center, which we hold for quite some time so we can get your application back in case of a problem.

We hate shared because we do not like sharing

A custom application is something unique at a time. So he has to have his own hosting, because when you share something with someone else on the internet, that means you will share with him the problems he carries.

Continuous Information & Constant Updating

A lot problems can arise. With the passing of time, there are new ways to secure your application. So, we are always there to support it & upgrade it.

SSD Disks, Cloud Hosting & CDN

Your application is hosted on modern SSD disks in a cloud environment coupled with CDN offering incredible server response speeds and 100% hardware up-time .

Optimized servers for Laravel applications

Our servers are all optimized for custom applications written in PHP & Laravel Framework with state-of-the-art high speed technologies & maximum security.

Support for server & email is our job

Let us know anything about your server and email. You do not need to worry about this because when you are on our servers, we do our job properly.

You have a problem with a custom application or have stopped supporting you;

Contact us to help you support your application. If you need extra capabilities that have not yet been implemented, we can create them.

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A Really Customized Solution for Your Unique Idea

Your idea & your need is so unique for that & we will just implement something so unique for you.

Custom Administrative Application

You can now stop manipulating everything through excel & get accessed from everywhere

Custom Plugin

Anything you need for your e-shop or website, we can do it with a custom plugin.

Custom Integration

If you need a custom interfacing system you use, we can give you the solution you need.

Custom Ιστοσελίδα & Eshop

If what you want to implement is big enough or complicated to rely on a CMS, we have the solution you need.

Frequent questions

Custom ιστοσελίδα / Custom E-shop or choice by one CMS;
There is no correct answer to this question. Depending on your needs, they can both serve you. Here we will report that a custom implementation (such as our site) is usually much faster than a CMS & more secure if it is created correctly by experienced people.
How to choose a company to build my custom app;
The company you choose should have experience in similar applications & have worked again for the same size applications. Ask for similar work of each company to see if they cover you. See also our Our Projects .
How much will it cost me to build a custom application or some other custom project
Unfortunately, this is a response that we can not give you, as each project is truly unique. From a few hundreds euros to several thousand euros depending on the size and complexity.
I can build a web application but have & mobile apps later;
Of course! However, it is enough that the company that implements your application has built it in such a way on an API so it can easily expand and communicate with other applications..
Will my application be mobile-friendly?
Of course! The major benefit with web applications is that you can access them from anywhere. But this also requires the right design for mobile devices, which we guarantee.
What is Framework? What is Laravel and why do you choose it?
Framework is called a structured way to write programming. Laravel is the most widespread framework and has been created by developers for developers. That's why it has a great community behind it that supports and implements new ideas. We select it for the aboveκ

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